Artist’s book, 2011

Genesis 3
The Bible

The Confessions of Saint Augustine

Saint Augustine of Hippo

Il Novellino

The Divine Comedy: Paradise
Dante Alighieri

Sir Thomas More


William Shakespeare


These images represent a portion of an artist’s book I created in the fall of 2011 entitled “Illuminating Adam and Eve.” The book is an illuminated manuscript that explores the use of the story of Adam and Eve’s expulsion from Eden as it appears in texts from the tenth century to the seventeenth. Each image is comprised of an initial (letter) that I drew and painted by hand, which I scanned. I then collaged the letter with borders, images, and other marginalia found in actual illuminated manuscripts from the fifteenth century, scanned from reproductions. Once printed, I applied gold paint to the final pages. (White spaces seen here are gold in the physical book.) This book is available in an edition of 5.


Artist’s Book